R.B. Russell




This video presentation of the songs on Ghosts was shown at the CD launch, 23rd April 2012, at the Xi Cafe & Bar, Vienna, Austria.


The CD is available from Klanggalerie.


Nb. the video presents the tracks in slightly different order from the CD:


1 Ravissante

2 Ghosts (with Lidwine)

3 Vermiculation

4 Perrier, Mildew, Loganberry

5 (Love) It Is There (with Lidwine)

6 She Sleeps (with Lidwine)

7 Llanfihangel

8 Floating Upwards

9 Bleed (with Lidwine)

10 Poppyhead

11 Abiding

12. Harrow and Weldstone



Lidwine, Walter and Lisa Robotka, Brian J. Showers, Rosalie Parker, Mark Johnson, Tim Russell, Mark Valentine, David Tibet, Andrew Liles.

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