R.B. Russell



CD released on the Klanggalerie label in Austria, 2012.


Featuring vocals by Lidwine.


The Ghosts CD is available direct from Klanggalerie here.


The Ghosts CD is also available with the Swan River press omnibus collection, Ghosts, here.

track listing:

1 Ravissante

2 Ghosts (with Lidwine)

3 Vermiculation

4 Perrier, Mildew, Loganberry

5  (Love) It Is There (with Lidwine)

6 She Sleeps (with Lidwine)

7 Llanfihangel

8 Floating Upwards

9 Bleed (with Lidwine)

10 Poppyhead

11 Abiding


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"A perfect fit to R.B. Russell‘s book, this soundtrack is quite a delight. The most captivating piece is, oddly enough, the one with not a single electronic bit in it, the piano-driven ‘Llanfihangel’. If you are unsure about a soundtrack like this working for a book, start with this one and work your way around, spiral style. Because that’s the shape we all are floating upwards." Sloucher

"This unique and hauntingly beautiful CD is beyond amazing" She Never Slept


A video presentation was created for this CD, premiered in Vienna in March 2012.

It was subsequently shown at Dean Clough Galleries October 2012.



Lidwine, Walter and Lisa Robotka, Brian J. Showers, Rosalie Parker, Mark Johnson, Tim Russell, Mark Valentine, David Tibet, Andrew Liles.

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