R.B. Russell

CURRENT 93 live at Halifax Minster, 10th May 2014

David Tibet: Voice

Reinier van Houdt: Piano

Andrew Liles: Electric Channel

Carl Stokes: Drums

James Blackshaw: Bass

Tony McPhee: Guitars


The Invisible Church 2:14

Those Flowers Grew 10:58

Kings and Things 19:27

With the Dromedaries 26:38

The Heart Full of Eyes 33:49

And Onto PickNickMagic 41:28

Why Did the Fox Bark? 53:16

I Remember the Berlin Boys 58:32

Sprung Sand Dreamt Larks 1:03:03

I Could Not Shift the Shadow 1:09:24

Imperium 1:21:07

Black Ships Ate the Sky 1:30:14

Sad Go Round 1:40:04


With thanks to Halifax Minster, The Doghouse, Qu Junktions and Tim Parker Russell.


Filmed and edited by R.B. Russell & Rosalie Parker


Copyright Current 93/R.B. Russell/Rosalie Parker 2014


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